Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hello from Romania! After a long day and a half of travel we made it safe and sound to our final destination. We met up Thursday morning in the Detroit airport with plenty of time to grab some lunch before having to board the plane headed to Amsterdam. After about 7.5 hours in the plane we arrived a little early in Amsterdam, which is where we had the first hiccup. Matthew's luggage ended up only being checked to Amsterdam so Dr. G and Matthew went and tracked down his bags and rechecked them, this time to Romania. Because he had to recheck 2 bags we had to pay again for having the second bag as well.

After spending a while exploring the airport in order to waste some time, we boarded the 3rd and final plane. Once again the plane arrived early and everything went very smoothly going through immigration, picking up our luggage and going through customs. Once that was accomplished we made a quick stop to get some water for the remainder of our trip and then headed to catch the bus to the train station. When we got to the bus stop there was a bus there, ready to go however it was already full so we had to wait a hour for the next bus to arrive.

Once on the bus we discovered that swiping the ticket in order to pay for the bus ride was tricky. Thanks to a lady who spoke a little English we thought we had done it correctly. However we found out towards the end of the ride that we had only got 4 right but not all 5 and we had to pay a fee for not doing it correctly. But we made it to the train station!

Getting the tickets for the train went very smoothly and we even ended up having some time to grab McDonald's before it was time for us to board the train. Getting all of our stuff on the train ended up being a little difficult, however we managed to get it all on and out of the way. Then we settled in for a 2.5 hour long ride. We all dosed on the train which helped the time go faster. Soon we were arriving at the train station where we hurried to unload. Some Romanian's who were getting off there too helped which made it much easier. And as we were getting the final bags off we were greeted by a couple of Romanian missionaries who had come to pick us up. We loaded up the cars and headed for Drăgăneşti.

We arrived at our final destination a little before 8. We got settled in, ate dinner and soon were headed to bed for some much needed sleep.

This morning we were able to sleep in some and then us girls headed over to the church to help out with a children's program. It was fun to see how some of the children I have met in previous years have grown! This aftern
oon we are going to make sure that all of our computers are ready to go for classes on Monday and then in the evening the plan is to play "fotball" aka: soccer.

Thank you for all the prayers while we travel! Please continue to pray for our team, the Romanian missionaires over here, and the children that we will be working with!


  1. No fair you guys get to play soccer at the beginning of the week! so jealous. :) And Dr. G needs to stop bragging that all of the bags get to Romania... but at least Matt didn't have to wait a couple of days. :) Glad to hear everything is going smoothly. tell Veronica hi for me. Praying for you guys.

  2. Wish I could be there to help the Americans play football :-) glad everything is going well. Praying for you. Make sure to give Raul's little boys a big hug from "rooney" :-)