Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Losing Dr. G

Today has been a very interesting day. In the morning we had 16 children come to our class. While the class started out good there were some boys who tended to get a little rowdy at times which keep both our team and our wonderful translators on our toes. During the break the boys were playing soccer as normal; however, in the middle of the game the ball went over the fence and into the corn field behind the school. Some of the boys tried to go find it, but were unable to locate it. In the afternoon class we had a total of 18 students, however, many had already attended our morning class. It was nice to see some faces from previous years and over all the children were better behaved in the afternoon.

That brings us to this evening. Ever year our team climbs the hill near where we are staying. It is beautiful at the top of the hill which over looks the city. While some of the team had already climbed it the night before to get some pictures we decided that tonight we would climb it together Since Dr. G is into Geo Caching he wanted to hid a cache in Romania so after we climbed the hill and took some pictures we went to hid the cache. The pastor and Ioana had gone ahead at started to walk to Andrei's "garden" which was about a 20 minute walk from where we were. About 5 minutes into the walk a few of us started jogging for a little bit. Dr. G decided that he wanted to jog more then the rest of us so we pointed him into the correct direction and figured we would catch up with him at our final destination. We arrived at the "garden", which was really more of an orchard and found Pastor Ion, Ioana, and Cami but no Dr. G. They had not seen him yet. So Cristina, Drew and I decided we better try to catch up with him and let him know he had gone too far. Figuring we would find him within a minute or two we started jogging down the road. After a few minutes all we saw were a couple of cows but no Dr. G. So we keep going. It took us about 15 minutes before we finally caught up with him and told him he had gone too far. Since we had already gone so far in that direction is was quicker to take another way back so we were able to get a little tour of the city by foot. The others on the team came back with Ioana. All in all it was a fun adventure!

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  1. Wow... Dr. G that's quite impressive. Where is Andrei's garden with respect to the hill? Toward the park?

    I'm glad you found Dr. G and I'm sure he got a good work out to work off the great food at the Vasile's!!!