Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Miner Village

This week we are holding two different classes in Miner Village. Overall Monday went pretty smoothly. The children there are better behaved then the children we had last week and each class started out with a small number of children. However, by the end of the morning class we had about 20 children. The afternoon class had only 7 children. While that made for a very easy afternoon it was a little discouraging . Between classes we head over to the church where we have enjoyed wonderful meals and then are able to rest in the cool church for a little bit before we return to the school where we are holding our classes. After class we returned home, had awonderful dinner as always and once everything was cleaned up from supper our team, Ioana, and Cristina all played a very long and exciting game of Phase 10 before we called it a night.

Today things did not go as smoothly as Monday.
We arrived at the school 20 min. early and we were greeted by at least 10 children. And as time past more children continued to come. Our highest number for the morning class was 27 children, and with only 10 laptops this makes things a little harder to teach. Towards the end of the class we started turning away children who showed up, telling them to come to the afternoon class instead since there would be more room. We were able to teach the children about Microsoft Word and about how God sees all sin as equal and while there were a few boys who caused a bit of trouble the class went well.

After lunch and a short rest we headed back to the school for the afternoon class. Once again we were early and there were children already
waiting. This time there were children from the morning class as well. Because we were expecting so many children in the afternoon we did not let the children attend both classes. The afternoon class had about 20 students and while there were not as many it was a little more of a challenge for me. There were a few boys who were trouble, one eventually ended up leaving our class half way through because he did not want to do what we were asking of him. But even thought the class was interrupted a couple times due to behavior issues we were still able to teach our lessons and clearly present part of the gospel to these children.

Tonight we had the great opportunity to have dinner at the home of one of the couples from the church. After having a tour of the house and the beautiful garden we had a feast of pizza, watermelon, ice cream, and pastries. We also enjoyed some wonderful music together. We ended the time with some songs, both in Romanian and English, and prayer. It was a wonderful ending to the day.

Please continue to pray for us as we spend this last week in Romania. Here are some specifics you can be praying about.
- That we can keep up our energy, even in the heat
- That we will be able to clearly present the gospel to these children
- That the children will be open to hearing the gospel
- That we are able to show the children Christ's love

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